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Welcome to the PAMP community!

Ms. Pamperson is a tribute to the famous lifeguard we all know and love.

She is the savior for all the drowning plebs in the sea of useless meme-coins that continue getting rekt by defi sharks.

PAMP’s community project is reinventing the way meme-coins were meant to be by creating a rewarding, rug proof experience.

PAMP’s community will release SMART NFTs trading card with exciting surprises inside.

Once claimed, the owner can find all sorts of exclusive unlockable content/perks to help cope from rugs, loss funds, and #NSFW pleasures for those that had their wives or husband leave them due to poor “financial” management.

Backed by a strong community, PAMP will lead the way with purpose and sex appeal. Just hold on to the PAMP token and get rewarded with its self burning mechanism that is built into the smart contract.

Remember to live, lust, fulfill and enrich yourself with PAMP!





Token distribution for PAMP.CC

PAMP is a fork of RFI (Reflect.Finance)

RFI works by applying a 2% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting 1% of that fee amongst all holders of the token, proportionate to their holding size with the remaining 1% burned forever.

Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holders balance.

No action needs to be taken on the part of the holder other than to hold $PAMP in a wallet they control.

With $PAMP, there are no vaults that could be hacked and drained or treasury funds that could be mis-managed. There is only the free market.

PAMP was co-founded by DEXTFORCE members, a prominent crypto community of during the meme-madness. As members of Dextools community, we noticed more and more users approaching DEXT asking if we could help them sell scammed tokens, or blacklist tokens when in reality, DEXTools isn’t an exchange and doesn’t list tokens.
Dextools aggregates data and displays these data in an easy to read fashion.
DEXTools’ mission is to empower traders with analytical tools to make smarter and better informed trading decisions.
Thus, members from DEXTFORCE joined together to lead the PAMP.CC project with the similar objective of bringing awareness to scams in DeFi while helping support the victims who have been scammed.
Our team is DOXXED by DEXTools, but we chose to stay anon in the public domain due to security reasons in the cryptospace. Please note that this project is founded by DEXTFORCE members. It is in no way, shape or form associated related to DEXTools. This is an independent community lead initiative and is not affiliated to DEXTools.
$PAMP is a community project created during the meme-mania when celebrities started to shill Doge and afterwards a Uniswap hotpairs was flooded with MEME tokens like Elon, MUSK, Frelon, which lead to scams and rugs from people trying to ride the hype so it’s time to claim our spot at the top and stop all of these useless meme and scammy tokens with no added value.
24% of the total token supply has been set aside as a treasury fund for victims of scams. 2% will unlock monthly with .5% distributed weekly based on community votes for which project or victim they believe would make the most impact. If you are a victim of a project that scammed or rugged, please fill out an application at the top of our website. There is a Red Menu Button that pops open the application form.
Hold it to earn frictionless yield, gift it to those that’s been rugged to help pamper their moods and pamp up their bags, trade it.
Mistress Pamperson is here to pamper you with limited NFT Trading Cards of sexy girls containing exclusive unlockable content/perks to help cope from rugs, loss funds, and #NSFW pleasures for those that had their wives or husband leave them due to poor “financial” management.
Promotional campaigns will roll out for each NFT release and will be auctioned off on NFT Exchanges such as Rarible or Opensea. Funds raised from these NFT sales and their aftersales commission will be used to buy back $PAMP token. 80% will be burned to activate the RFI mechanism to keep on rewarding holders and reducing the supply. The remaining 20% will go back into the treasury fund as airdrops for scammed victims.
Scamala Pamperson is a tribute to the infamous sexy lifeguard we all knew so fondly of, running towards you with her voluptuous life saving knockers ready to save any pleb’s dying life drowning in the sea of meme-madness or get rekt in the process.
She’s here to remind you that scams are out there and that you’re now in good hands with a community full of chads and her sexy girls to keep your minds off of the trauma from trading.
She will be the voice of $PAMP community and ensure all of our bags and moods are nicely pamped.

A pre-sale was held amongst different communities to help bootstrap the initial liquidity to ensure the success of this launch.

This allowed us to allocate 24% of the supply to be airdropped to crypto community who were victims of scammed tokens. EX: Those who purchased fake tokens that cannot sell or victims of rugged pools.

A total of 50 Eth / 50% of pre-sale fund will be added to the liquidity pool – with 1 year lock.

More info about airdrops for scammed victims can be found HERE.

PAMP is a Fork of RFI, our total token supply is 100 Billion. Please note that there is a 2% tax on the entire token supply for all transfers or trades. Anyone receiving $PAMP from a buy or transfer will automatically receive 2% less due to the tax.


— Token Distribution – 100 Billion Total Supply —
Seed – 16% 
Private 15% 
Airdrop for scammed victims – 24%
Liquidity – 10% 
Community growth and rewards – 25%
CM Leads & Community Contributors – 5%
Influencers & Ambassadors – 5%

—– Raised Funds —–
Uniswap Liquidity – 50%
NFT Artists Collab + Unlockable Perks – 25%
Marketing – 15%
Operations & Distribution Fees – 10%

More info about our presale and distribution can be found HERE.

The  presale community is encouraged to airdrop $PAMP tokens to victims of rugs, scams and mishaps for being a degen. It’s important to give back and build community trust. If you’ve been a victim of a scam token, join out telegram @pampofficial and ask if there’s still any airdrop tokens available for distribution. Since $PAMP was bootstrapped by the crypto community, liquidity was also added to Uniswap and can be traded there if you so desire.
Token Contract: <HERE>
Uniswap: <HERE>
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